Last Weekend in the Desert

I went to my friends camp in the middle of the desert last Thursday. They sent me their coordinates in a very far area norht east about 300 Km from Riyadh. It is an area called Somman, an empty desert. They were there since Tuesday. The road was so dusty, in some areas we had to completely stop where we couldn't see anything. Also there were heaps of camels walking in the main road. 70 km I had to go through the a desert road following my GPS. I arrived to a beautiful oasis that my friends had their camp. They told me that they had a very strong sand storm that blew away their tent the night before and they had a measrable time. Afternoon the weather got better, in fact it became wonderful and we had a very good time.
Friday, one of the friends decided to leave alone and we stayed for a while. The area had no mobile coverage. In our way back, we entered into an area with mobile coverage. That moment I recieved a message from that friend telling his car is broken and he sent the coordinates. We had to go back and we towed his car to the closest station and we called the truck.
It was so scary for him.

Lessons learned:

Don't go to or leave from the desert alone.
You have to be at least two cars with more people and with enough logistics.
When you stay in a place try to send your coordinates to more than one just in case. … &id=277609


Thanks for this sharing Saleh2020!;)


Thanks Saleh that was very interesting, indeed.

There are some very scintillating stories told by those who have dared to go into the sands and spend time in there. My experiences have been very few and rather safe so far.

Thanks for Sharing.

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