Out of interest-A question for the ladies


This might sound like a silly question; but I was just wondering how expat ladies living in Africa manage to get their fashion apparal, shoes, handbags and other accessories. Am talking about sub-saharan Africa (excluding South Africa). The big and popular Western chains like Zara, H&M, Accessorize,...don't open shops in these areas. So where and how do you find such fashion (if of course you fancy this)?



i can only talk about ghana and nigeria. now in ghana here we have what we call boutiques and these have the latest fashion trends on the market. u'd be amazed!!! there are so many of them and they all want ur attention so how do dey get it? by stockin with the latest stuffs.
hope this helped


I am speaking about places such as Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia. The chains you are mentioning are not present in those countries. In some places you have small subsidiaries of South African chains such as Woolworths...but the selection is rather limited... the truth is that you slowly adjust to the local conditions and soon you do not need all those items...nobody is up to the last trends in those places...

Most of the shopping I did was during my holidays either in South Africa or back home in Europe.


in nigeria you can find everything cos some people buy in bulk abroad and sell back.
Plus, you got all the nigerian designers

I'm from Kenya and i was actually a bit shocked on reading your comment.East Africa has such a wide selection of retail outlets, especially Kenya.
Nairobi has a variety of clothing stores that do stock trendy clothes. If you want designer clothing, there are boutiques and select stores but all the major shopping malls have stores that stock clothes similar to those found in H&M, Gap, Papaya etc.

If you get stuck, let me know I shall mail you a couple of stores and where they are located.