Long term rentals in or around Nice

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My husband and I are looking to move to Nice next year. Although it's a bit early to start looking for places to rent, we wanted to get an idea of costs and what we would get for our money. It's a bit of a nightmare! We can only seem to find holiday rentals and we're looking for at least a 6-month initial lease. We're not too fussy, as long as we are within an hour of Nice airport and the place lets us bring our dog! Does anyone know of any good letting websites for longer term rentals? Thanks!

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Have you taken a look at Nice classifieds > accommodation section? This may help.;)


To get an idea of the price you can check out leboncoin.fr

We have lived in Nice for 6 years and love it!
Try Isabelle Jacobs in Nice, she has been a life saver in finding us a place to live and advice on everything . She has the contacts for rentals.She speaks English, French and Italian & knows lots of people in Nice area.

Try Isabelle Jacobs at isajacob[at]hotmail.fr

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tooo difficult tog et started and tooo many questions ....

I just wat to see some aparts for rent in Nice.

Why all this administation ?


could you tell me more how I contact  Isabelle Jacobs,please?

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Try Isabelle Jacobs at ***

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Hi there.. I have just arrived in Nice and am looking for a rental - fully furnished with parking if possible in Nice or surrounding areas towards Monaco. Does anyone have any contacts with reliable landlords would be amazing! I have references if needed. Thank you.

Hi Nathalie,

Please note that this is an old thread. I suggest that you drop an advert in the Housing in Nice section of the website. You may also browse through the websites mentioned in the Accommodation in Nice article.

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Thank you 😊

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