Doing business in Liberia


are foreign investors welcome in Liberia?

Is it complicated to register a company in Liberia? What is the procedure?

What is the corporate tax rate in Liberia?

Is it easy to recruit?

Any advice you would share with us?

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I have the same interest; I would like to work in Liberia but I don't know the procedure.


The type of networking business such as Herbalife  I shouldn't think would do well in Liberia. The products need to be bought long term and are very expensive especially for most Liberians. Customers are also pressured to become agents. I know people who have become bankrupt because of the pressures from this type of company.
Sorry Mary but I feel I should warn people you have contacted personally (including myself)to investigate thoroughly and not take the hype on the websites of this company.

1. yes indeed, foriegers are welcome in Liberia

2. no, it is not complicated to register a company in Liberia
   Registration procedure is as follow for all categories of foreign owned business. A. Soleproprietorship
Registratioon fees.....Usd 700.00
Adm fees...............     20.00
Requirement:Photo copy of valid business Id card or photo copy of passport. you will be requiure to fil in the business registration form with information such as; Name of Business, Nature of business, Nationality, Location, Initial Investment capital etc. B. Partnership
Registration fees.....Usd 800.00
Administration fees...     20.00
Requirement:Partnership agreement cost  processing
Requirement:Article of incorporatio Registration fees..usd 900.00
Administration fees........          20.00

3. The Corporate tax rate is 25%

4. Yes, it is very easy in term of recruitment

5. My advice is when doing business in Liberia, You operates
   in laws governing business operation in liberia. But, investment is very positive.

Good to know that the process of setting up business is easy.

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