Sharbatly Village Compound in Jeddah ? Info please !! HELP !

i agree with you I've been there and it was so beautiful, every weekend I visit my friends, it's cool there.

Any idea about the cost of one bhk in Sharbatly?

one room is around 3000 riyal

3000 riyal per month? per week? I want to know the rent per annum for one bedroom house.

per month sister
i wish you good luck

Hi. I saw that Sharbatly village has "classrooms for different activities". Does this, perchance, include yoga?
If not, does anyone know of any compound that would have yoga classes that would allow a British man of Pakistani descent to attend.
I've been told by many that I won't find a yoga class in Saudi but I really like yoga.
I would appreciate any help.


Yoga classes are available on wide range, as well as latin dancing classes too in sharbatly and other compounds too!

Just inbox me please and shall be able to give you some helpful numbers

I hade A really bad experience with them!!! :sosad:

Jaanaa98 .. hi, where is that Sharbatly? is it a compound or villas ?

Sharbatly village or u can say compound is very old. In fact it's the third compound constructed back in 1975. But in 2001 a massive renovation took place but again it's now 15 years over. If u have any intention to move to Sharbatly village u can make a personal visit first.

Hi, can you elaborate with details instead of just saying it was a "bad experience"?

i need to know about the rental rates for 1 and 2  bedrooms

Does anyone know if Sharbatly Village provides karate classes or if there is a Scout Group there?

Hello. Did you eventually move to Jeddah. Are you residing at Sharbartley?

I think its a great place!

Do you currently live there?

What is the pricing of 1BHK villa at sharbatly ?

Please let me know what info you would like to know ?

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