Decent Compund in 60K in Riyadh?

Hi All,
My husband got offer which includes 60K for accommodation.
Looking at the forum it seems like compund life is liberal compared to apartment life (Please correct if my understanding is wrong).
Compund also provides utility shops, swimming pool and children play area etc.

Can we get decent compund towards East Ring road Riyadh with this budget ?

Waiting for your reply .

Please help us enlighten ...


Compounds with facilities will be above the 60K allowance.

Compound life is liberal..but a decent compound will cost at least 100K+ for a 2 bed place.

you will find some smaller, older compounds within that range..but they will lack facilities.

Also before you come out please organise the accomodation..compounds have long waiting lists...

Apartments (off compound) are within your budget (easily) some are nice and close to all facilities...its not all bad living off compound.

Good Luck

you may find in independent villa in the north of Riyadh for around SR 60K but you will have to furnish it from scratch

You may try Delta Compound near Diplomatic Quarters west of Riyadh. 2 bed apartment will cost 65k a year. It only has swimming pool, tennis court and a gym inside it, however, other nearby compounds under same management are also available such as bowling alley, squash courts, limo service, bus service for shopping and school, etc.

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