I have another question, this time about accommodation

I've been looking at real estate websites and I see mention of security, and compounds to live in but not enough pictures for me to actual visualise how this would look.

I'm currently living in Johannesburg - in a security complex, where the estate is completely walled with one gaurded entrance in and out - is a compound like that? 
Or is it a residential street with guards patrolling? 

Sorry if the question sounds daft, I need to visualise these things to decide if I can see my family living there.

It looks as though we are going to have to make the decision as to whether or not to move to Addis Ababa without having visited the area.

Many thanks for any responses.


Marya Marya Addis is not like that at all at times u can even leave ur door open over night and nothing happens security is not a big issue but if u want yes there are gated developments with a few guards fully secure places like a place called jack ross and others to choose from.

Wosen Olympus

Thank you very much for your response, it has been helpful.  :)

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