Breaking news sites for traffic?

Hi all,

I was wondering if there are any websites that update traffic situations in Riyadh, or would inform of a water main break and things of this sort that would cause delays when traveling throughout the city?

Does such a site exist in English or Arabic? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

All the best!

if u have iphone u can download trapster

imraan007 wrote:

if u have iphone u can download trapster

or waze, both of these are user generated ones.

And as such tools are based on user provided data, they are barely reliable.

I found trapster to provide good info although there were some incorrect reports

Well; there is not my friends any official mean.. but they've tried once and i don't know of the app is still running or not.. it's from the city hall of Riyadh. i can look for the name of the app if you want

Trapster never worked for me. It would not download the map for some reason.

Hash tag #RiyadhTraffic helps sometimes (if there are major accidents or so). It's mostly in Arabic though, and 60% of the time it's just used for rants on riyadh traffic. (lol)!/search/realtime/%23riyadhtraffic

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