New arrival expat.

Hi everyone!

I arrived last week (Feb 1st) from Canada and I'm working at Imam University as an English instructor. I live in Ghranata district, anyone around me??

I'm looking to meet new people outside my workplace, someone to show me the ropes and all that jazz.



Good Luck Erich and I hope the condition of the Hair in your pic is not becoz of your landing @ Riyadh....

Have a nice and enjoyable stay @ KSA....

Welcome to the desert!!  :)

welcome to KSA .. enjoy it :D

I live near there

Thanks! I think I'll adapt quickly. People have been pretty kind and they seem amused when I use my broken Arabic.

@Saimans Haha, no. Thankfully not. But I was pretty disgusted with myself after traveling for almost 21 hours.

@Katelol It would be great to finally see and talk to someone who isn't a man. LOL. I wonder if it's taboo for non-married foreign men and women to speak to each other?? Especially meeting another Georgian outside Georgia! გარმაჯობათ!!როგორა ხართ??

Welcome on Board Buddy !!!

hahhaha. Very impressive.Everybody keeps saying'Not allowed.' But you can talk to women in compounds I guess.

@Katelol  My host family would be horrified if they found out I lost my ability to speak Georgian. :) I assume you live in a compound?

welcome to Riyadh
FYI I used to work at Imam University at the preparatory program
What about you?

anytime ur visiting the east msg me

Hello Erich,

Welcome to Saudia and to, you will lots of information here and meet interesting people. Hope you make good friends at the blog.

@AsgharSultan  I've just started at Imam university PYP. Almost 2 weeks in Riyadh now.

@imraan  Sure thing! I'm sure I'll venture out when I have time.

@slyshooter Thanks! Way ahead of ya. ;)

Good to know you've arrived here.

I've arrived in Riyadh on 7th Feb, as Doctor in King Saud Medical City (people know it by its old name -- Shumashi Hospital).

Wishing you a pleasant stay.

welcome aboard ...i live in garnata too n also a newbie.......well im following post, if sme interesting activity came up, I'm in............

hello Eric :)

welcome to Saudi. In fact I did my bsc degree at Imam, and i live in Gurnatah, literarily  next to the big mosque.. drop me an email if you fancy a cup of coffee :)

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