Logistics of Moving to Curitiba

Hi All,

Thinking of packing up and moving to Brazil. Like seriously exploring the idea; still in the brainstorming stage. Anyone know a good website to look for work in Curitiba? Any anecdotal information or hints and tips on finding living arrangements, etc., would be immensely welcome.

Thank you!


You might want to try

www.manager.com.br   and   www.catho.com.br


O www.oemprego.com.br é um portal de vagas e empregos gratuito e  foi criado para que empresas insiram suas vagas de emprego e os candidatos possam inserir seu currículo em milhares de vagas de empregos ofertadas diariamente!

Hi rcgy,

Well it would probably get you more replies if you indicated what type of profession you are looking for work in.

For foreigners, finding work in Brazil is far from being a picnic in the park. Largely because Brazilian laws require employers to prove that they've exhausted all avenues of trying to fill a position with a qualified Brazilian. Only then can they hire a foreigner. They tell me it is a little bit easier for professionals in STEM (science/technology/engineering/mathematics) fields, but not much. Then of course there is all the bureaucracy involved of obtaining a visa and work permit, but if you are lucky enough to find employment, maybe your employer will even be willing to help with the immigration details too, some do.

You will be able to find housing (either rental or sale properties) through any reputable realtor in Curitiba and you can also check www.lugarcerto.com.br to see what's on the market and get an idea of current price ranges.

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