Saudi iPad

If I buy a Saudi issue iPad that comes without Facetime can I install this when I get home?
Does anyone know if there is anything else missing from the ones sold here?
I know there grey market versions round too have facetime but I am too cheap to pay the extra

You need to jailbreak it, then install facetime.

By the end of the day, it's just a feature that you're missing, nothing more. I purchased my iPhone from the U.S because I didn't want a middle-eastern edition without facetime. It's been months since I bought it, and I've yet to use it. Skype is more accessible to people, and it works just as well.

If that doesn't convince you, then as MaserMan said, you'd have to jailbreak it in order to install facetime. Most recent jailbreak is very straight forward, far from the complexity of older jailbreaks. So it's not going to be a difficult process.

If you're not familiar with what jailbreaking means, I suggest you look it up. It's not just the ability to download pirated apps, as that constitutes no more than 5% of the potential. It's more about the tweaks on the operating system itself.

Hope that clears up some of your concerns.

I've never used facetime on my iPad,iPhone or Macbook so I'd not worry about it if I were you.

never found any use for facetime

iPad2 with facetime are available now. The only place i know as of now that offers it is ALJ Toshiba stores.

iPad 3 will be announced soon (March most likely).

I wouldn't buy iPad 2 at this time, especially since the new iPad is going to have retina display (the most important aspect about the device). Even if I manage to find it at a steal price. Retina display is just too good to pass.

Thanks for the heads up. I was actually thinking to invest in an iPad2.

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