salary and benefits for a nurse in kingabdulaziz hospital

hi! :) im interested in working in kingabdulaziz medical city- any branch(national guard hospital) and i want to know how much is the basic pay or starting salary for filipino nurses there..and how many hours per day and days per week do we have to work? what are the other benefits? thank u for ur help :)

Hours 42.5 hours per week or 15 shifts per month. Depending on ur experience u will be classified accordingly with salary. 15% cola allowance shared or single accommodation again based on experience. 2 tickets per year based on category u may get 1. 30 days annual, 10 days eid. Extras include admin or mid year if ur eligible. Don't believe ur agent :p

what if i will be assigned in the operating room?

Hi friends , i am getting a offer in port of harcourt.would like to know how safe is the place for outsiders

sankarn wrote:

Hi friends , i am getting a offer in port of harcourt.would like to know how safe is the place for outsiders

You're on the wrong continent.  This is the MIDDLE EAST.  Port of Harcourt is in Nigeria. That's in AFRICA.

Good luck.

then u would get good benefits again based on experience.

thank u imraan

ur most welcome anytime...hope to see you in OR soon

Hey there i love this forum being offer a place in the ER. At the national guard hospital in Riyadh  and am really scare and exited any1 care to share their current experience with me and what i should pack the most in my suitcase  and what to prepare myself please xxx


Well, at this point what I wish for
my old toothpaste
my old deodorant
my same style if pjs
my same shampoo conditioner

I was going to buy a nightgown the other day and it was not a brand name but it was being sold for $45. I looked like the kind I used to het for half if that
price. I feel shampoos etc are just not the same even if they are the same brand.

Bring any of your favorite small appliances like if you drink coffee bring your pot, hair dryers, etc.

I do not know what the British malls are like, but the malls here are very much the same as in the US. Every kind of clothing is available.

I really just want my hair n teeth products lol.

Thanks  you very much  @myyams xx  u a nurse also ?

You're welcome. No, not a nurse.  I'm a housewife. My husband is a physician.

Hello everyone, im a newbie. Can anyone help me how to get into national guard in Riyadh (apply locally). Glad to hear ..thank you.

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