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Hi MY husband is considering a Job in Brunei which will be exciting
Howeever we have 2 children age 6-8 to consider, and it will mean a salary drop, i will have to give up my job as a nurse. Just wondered if people know if it is possible for a english speaking nurse to get work there?
cheers Jo

Hi ejoannamudge!

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Hi Jo,

There are decent hospitals there and they do employ english speaking staff as english is widely spoken there.I would not see it as an issue if there are vacancies.As a UK NMC registered children nurse,I am sure your qualification would be in demand.I was born there and the midwife who delivered me was english and she was called sister Pullin but that was decades ago!I am not english but live in UK.Well,I am british now lol.Good luck with your endeavour.

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