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Does anyone know where I can find a good nail salon that does gel nails. I have been living in Riyadh for six months and I have not found a good one.  Please help

Hi Dino0506 and welcome to!

I wish you good luck in your research.;)


I know a couple people who have been pretty happy with Palm Court.  Have you been there?

Kingdom Mall, Ladies Floor.. when you get off the elevator you will find a nail salon there.

Kingdom is crazy expensive - granted it was a while back that I went in there but it was 600riyal. they must be nuts.
@Dino0506 I do my own nails in acrylic and will have my stuff delivered ut here first week of April ... will be expanding to others nails once it is all here :) but as I say it is acrylic not gel

And ...Tertia at Arizona does Gel, and I can't remember the womans name at Salwa but I think she also does gel

I would like to get gel or acrylic nails... I went to the kingdom tower yesterday and they don't do it anymore. Where is palm court? Or do you know anywhere else that is good? Please help. I'd love to get them done.

Hello Meaganmarie.

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Exit only X 4

Do you have the name and number of the lady by any chance? :)

Look for Al Manahil Spa.

They are in Diplomatic Square, Ibn Zahr Street
my wife always goes to them

My wife says to you:
it is a little bet expansive but you will like it :D

Tell your wife thank you. I'll look it up now :)

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From my house in riyadh

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hello,, i am looking for a non expensive place to get a fresh manicure... anyone may know of a place here In riyadh... thank you for your time and assistance... abe..

Do you have tertia telephone number please

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