Diploma Attestation

Has anyone got their diploma in the United States and had it attested through the Saudi Embassy.

I checked the Saudi Embassy website for document certification and the requirements says I need to send in an employment contract along with my diploma in order to get it certified :S. And the company I work for they wouldn't issue a contract unless I have my diploma attested.

I think I am confused between attestation and certification. Help anyone? please!

I did get my degrees attested by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission in DC and they did request the employment contract.

Contact Raddah Alotaibi and see what he's got to say. He works @ the SACM and is pretty helpful. His email addy is [email protected]


Name of the employee:                            SS# --------------
Name of the employer:
Name of the courier agency:
The following documents are needed:
Please mark down the items that you are sending and return this form along with your documents.
- A letter from you or the courier agent, stating the reason for authentication, with a contact number.
-A copy of employment contract.
- Copy of your passport.
- Copy of your college/university degree.
- Updated official transcript, in a sealed envelope.
- Authorization letter from the applicant to allow Saudi Mission to obtain information about his academic record.
- Name of the college/university and telephone # of the registrar or the records office.
-Verification letter from the registrar's office at the college/university including your SS# (School ID #) and the telephone # of the contact person at the registrar's /record's office. This letter must be in sealed
- Verification from degreeverify.com
-Nurses and physicians                                                                       
Are required to provide us with a copy of their practice license, and the telephone # for confirmation of the validity of license?
- For any other certificate or diploma, we need to know the place of training and the telephone # of contact person.

- A prepaid return envelop (Express mail only from the post office)

For more information please contact Mr. Raddah Al Otaibi at:
Phone 571-327-2522
Fax 571-327-2756
[email protected]
Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission to the USA
8500 Hilltop Rd
Fairfax, VA 22031

In addition to getting your credential attestated, don't forget to have them verified.

http://www.studentclearinghouse.org/sec … bridge.asp


How long of a wait time should I be expecting?

Any ideas?

Wait for what? Getting your degree attested or hearing back from Raddah?

Ok! I guess I am missing a lot of things here.

Do I need to have the student clearing house verify my diploma first and then submit it to the embassy?

Yea, you can have it verified online then attach it to your application for attestation. I emailed it to Raddah and he accepted it. It takes less than a week for the entire process.

Regarding your employment situation, I would suggest that you call Raddah from SACM and see if he would be able to have your degree attested without the employment contract.

Thanks again NJEXPAT

I sent a detailed email to Raddah this morning and he returned me a 4 word email reply with an attached application form. I think I am going to call him tonight.

Really appreciate your help NJ.

Anytime man, good luck.

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