Expert English writer, editor seeks work in Cambodia

For advice on work opportunities in Cambodia for a professional English-language writer and editor with 35 years' experience and bestseller-list status, please, I would be most grateful.

A Royal Asiatic Society member and author of more than 20 published books of fiction and nonfiction, I have spent the past 11 years as an editor with ESL publishing firms in Seoul, Korea.

My articles have appeared in the New York Times Magazine, the Washington Post, Technology Review, and numerous other publications. Science, technology and action fiction are specialties.

Skills also include writing advertising copy, proofreading, and expert ghostwriting of anything from articles and blog posts to entire books. Especially interested in ghostwriting for business, CEOs, NGOs.

Foreign languages: French, German, some Korean.


Degree: BA with distinction, University of Virginia.

Twitter: [at]dwrseoul, [at]EGhostwriter.

Email: tongsoong (at), dwrseoul (at)

Resume and mobile phone number available on request. Can relocate as needed.

Thank you.

David Ritchie

Hi David !

I would suggest you to post an advert in the jobs section of Cambodia classifieds.
It might help!


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