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Please can someone help me to source some polystyrene/kaylite products.  I am needing to buy polystyrene beads and balls in varios sizes - all in bulk.  I would be so grateful for a contact number or email address as I am having great difficulty sourcing these produts.  I am also interested in buying broken ostrich egg shells in bulk.  Many thanks - Robin

Have you considered the huge negative environmental impact of polystyrene beads, when they are inevitably released into the environment? 

Kenya does not have a comprehensive waste management system, leading to already significant environmental problems with plastics, especially bags and packaging.  Unfortunately, there seem to be no moves by developed countries (responsible for the introduction of plastics) to assist Kenya to manage this situation, leading to plastic bags being in evidence almost everywhere in the country.

love to know what u doign wiht ostrich shells,.
its  funny how touchey people are  in kney aboau the envirment and all the rubbish outsiede towns,..ahahah

Ostrich shells - go to the Ostrich farm near Kitengela. Beware that you need a license to export ostrich eggs (or something like that, just enquire there)

P. beads - Industrial area, any polystyrene manufacturer can get this.

inbox me i give you details.

Ashantiz, this is Valerie here.. I am also interested in purchasing polystyrene balls for bean bags... If you do know where i can buy them please let me know. Thanks

Hey..I would also like to get some info on EPs beads in Kenya please

Pls, can you send me also details where to find in Kenya polyester balls for refilling bean chairs? Tks. Salvatore ***

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