Ladies, do you have a private driver?

I  am wondering how many of you ladies have a private driver.
How much it costs per month? How did you find a reliable one?

I do not have one, but I feel that is a necessity here in riyadh. My husband takes me to the mall only on Thusday. The other days he is busy. I do not really feel comfortable and safe when taking a taxi alone, many times the taxi drivers try to talk with me, which I hate. So, for the moment the only solution I have is to wait each week for Thursday to come.

How about you ladies?

ummm i'm not sure if it's possible.

i'll go to get private Driver Visa on Sat for my father, and i'll ask about your situation.

if you can get the same as Saudis, Visa cozt 2000 SR (once)

Monthly Salary 800-1000 SR.

but easier to deal with specialist companies that provide you a car and driver for your journey or shopping time, their drivers usually silents and you could ask the office to inform the driver to not make chat or any kind of communication.

i could provide you some numbers if you like for these companies.

Yes, Komsee, I am interested to have their phone numbers. Are these companies located in Riyadh?

yes sis, and they are located on the kingdom generally and provide their services anywhere, Airports,

however, there are a lot of companies and i'm gonna give you 2 of it for now

Hanco :   920001844       

and their Website is :


Theeb : 920000572



Thank you.

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