Pension Funds in Hungary

Hi to all!

I have recently accepted a job in Hungary and my employer is asking me to choose one of the private pension funds. I tried checking the webpages but most of them only had information in Hungarian. I guess the optimal pension fund depends on how long do you want to stay in Hungary among other things? Considering that I will stay for a short period, probably no longer than 4 years, can anyone advice me on the best pension fund? Thanks


No idea, sorry.
Hope someone can help out.

Hmm...most of the funds made negative profit rate in 2008 becuse of the credit crunch...

You can see this report: … 9_2008.pdf

The first row shows the net profit in 2008. There are lot of funds in the list where you can't join, because it's more for only workers at that company. The biggest names are: AXA, ING, AEGON, OTP, DIMENZIO, MKB, ALLIANZ.

Page 2-3: compulsory funds, others are volunteer funds.

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