Fauna of Hong Kong 1914+

My name is Richard Muirhead, I live in Macclesfield near Manchester and I was born in Hong Kong in 1966,living there `til about 1986. I am researching into the fauna of Hong Kong from 1914 onwards with my friend Jon Downes of the Centre for Fortean Zoology,Devon. Jon also spent time in Hong Kong in the 1970s.

If anyone has any knowledge of the fauna of Hong Kong please can they contact me at richmuirhead[at]ntlworld.com We are well aware that there have been many books on this subject already but we are interested in anything unusual. For example,crocodiles were reported in Hong Kong waters up to c.1914.Wolves were also recorded just before World War One.

Thanks for any help.

Yours sincerely,Richard Muirhead

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