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:cool:I've been emailing Frank Salt Real Eastate Agents regarding renting a property in Qawra when I eventually get to Malta. Has anyone ever had dealings with them, are they any good??

Hi Norrie,

I wondered if you have already moved to Malta now and how you found the Estate Agent you were using.  I noticed that no-one posted a reply.  Did you just use the one agent or several and if you are now there, what did you think of their service? Any advice would be welcomed.  By the way, how are you settling in?



I live in Sliema and asked Frank Salt on Tower Road to look for an unfurnished townhouse 3 weeks ago . The guy was very friendly but I never heard back - not even an e-mail saying thank you for coming in! Well , maybe it takes a bit longer.
In general you will find that all agents here in Malta have all available properties in their books !At least it was in our case! If you check online offers you will often find the same properties being offered by different agents but it pays to check out several . We found our present townhouse online and are quite happy with it.
The agent gets one months rent, we paid half and the landlord paid the other half .
Most houses/appartments are furnished so you have to like the furniture as well.

Hi Ricky,

Thanks for your reply.  Can you tell me, how quickly do you think it is possible to obtain a property once you have agreed price etc.  Were most of the properties you saw already vacant?  I wondered how feasible it might be to come and book into a hotel whilst looking rather than come to Malta, go back to Germany and then come back again.  May I ask how you like living in Sliema?

I hope to put my daughter into school and I know the term has already started so I really need to get a wiggle on. I have just returned from Asia and running behind schedule.  I am hoping she will go to St. Martins College but am coming to see several schools.  I know that this will dictate the area really.

Did you find most of the properties reasonable - I have lived in Asia for 17 years in rented properties and am quite used to renting but in Asia the landlords often leave a lot to be desired as do some apartments.  Good to know I need to check online, thanks.  Any areas to stay well away from? Any really nice areas?  Are leases normally for a year or shorter/longer.  I am really looking for a 1/2 bedroom apartment.  So sorry to send so many questions, but any advice would be much appreciated.



Hi JBees,

I came from Germany last October and stayed in a hotel. Within two days I found the right place and could move in right away.You will find a lot of offers furnished and ready to move in.It is your choice . Talk to an agent and they will take you around to look at different places.There is no deposit .
For us it worked out great to live in Sliema - even the larger area St.Julians/Gzira/SanGwann is fine although it is more expensive than living out in a village.
If you don't need a seafront penthouse you might be looking at 400-500€ /month rentfor a 1-2 bedroom furnished flat in Sliema.The market is good for bargaining as there are far to many places on the market at the moment.
Leases are normally 1 year - longer doesn't make sense as you might want to move to a different place after the first year. You never know
School started today!
If you go for a public school your kid will be assigned to a school. If you choose a private school you have the choice! You can apply directly to the school you choose !A friend of mine is a teacher at  St. Anton school in Zebbiegh - also very good !

Lots of questions - lots of answers.

Viele Grüsse aus Sliema


Thanks Ricky!  How kind of you to get back to me so soon and with so much info! Will start contacting agents!

Understand you have an expat get-together going on a regular basis so hope I can join once settled? Have been an expat in Singapore for the last 17 years and although very happy in wine region in Germany, looking forward to some warmer weather and making new friends in Malta.  Thanks again.


Dear JBees,

I found FrankSalt very good when I bought my place but maybe renting is different.  I have heard from friends that their lettings agent in St Julians (Brian) is very helpful.  I see that you may have to live not to far from your daughter's school, so that may decide the area in which you decide to rent.  However a general rule of thumb is to begin somewhere convenient, which means the middle section of Malta from about St Andrews to Valletta (including inland.)  Both St Julians and Sliema are very convenient.

You may find quite cheap places in Buggiba and Qawra, but if you do not like built up concrete touristy places (like Torremolinos in Spain) it is best to avoid them.  They are also not very convenient.  Good luck with the search - I lived in Hong Kong for a few years and visited Singapore, which I liked very much.


Dear JJG,

Thanks so much, glad you liked Singapore, I liked Hong Kong when I visited (during the days when you landed in the old airport!). Convenient sounds good to me.... Torremonlinos does not so thanks. I will try and contact Brian tomorrow.  Thanks again.



You can also access the Times of Malta classified on the web - sunday is the best day for property.


Hi Jbees,
thanks for your nice compliment. I agree with jumbojetgypsy but it will depend on the school situation.
Yes, we have a great expat group here in Sliema/St.Julians so check into the new website to find out about the next meeting when you arrive in Malta.
The Times of Malta Sunday edition lists a lot of rentals but they only provide basic information and no pictures but it is good to compare offers.

Hi Norrie,
I sent you an email a few days ago but it hasn't appeared, so i'll try again.
Although i have a nice two bed Penthouse in Triq San, St Pauls Bay Paul and my Landlord is a Gentleman, i think it was better luck than judgment.
I came over for a week in June and contacted Frank Salts Mosta Road Branch. They did show me a number of flats on a computer which looked horrible, they finally showed me the one i'm now living in, which is perfect. Frank Salts charged me 260 earos they also charged my Landlord the same, i've since found out that we should have only paid the 260 between us. I pay 350 pcm, plus 50 euros for Electric/Water and Gas, when the utility bills come in, the landlord and i will sit down and see whether or not the 50 euros is sufficient.
I hope my little contribution is helpful to you, good luck with your search.

Hi Ricky (and others that were kind enough to offer some advice)

So, sorry that I did not reply to your last note, thanks for link to new website, will have a look at it now.  Will be arriving in Malta next week, a little later than originally planned but such is life!  Look forward to meeting the expat group.  Thanks again.  JBees.

Hi JBees,

welcome to Malta next week.

If you send me your e-mail I will put you on our Expats weekly newsletter so you are always up-to-date with the events.The meeting tomorrow is at Tiffany's at Portomaso in St.Julians from 8 pm onwards.

I will be away from Malta for the next 3 weeks so look forward to meeting you sometime after the middle of November.



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Thanks :)

Oh sorry, did not realize, one conversation often leads to another.  JBees.

We dropped in on a couple of real estate agents and one of them clearly tried to take us for all we were worth - said we couldn't possible get a place with 2 bedrooms for less that 600 euros a month, while another seemed confident we could find something for 500 euros, and the employer claims they are renting a 3 bedroom in sliema with an oceanfront and a balcony for 500 euros, so if we don't need that we'll be fine on 400 euros a month. We're probably going to rent through the employer as a result.

Hi ,

it's me again . Sorry.

Well , the first place is probably exagarating. I would say that you are looking in the price range of 400,- to 700,- € for a 2-bedroomed furnished appartment in Sliema or St.Julians.

We just looked at a wonderful, modernised townhouse yesterday overlooking the Strand with views across to Valletta with a really nice rooftop and cute furniture with big plasma TV and shower room plus extra bathroom and nice central courtyard. With one bedroom more we would have taken it ourselves! Rent is 690,- but it is a bit too small for us.

But in general you should be fine with something around 500,- €.So if you need a few tips stay in contact.We are looking through our estate agent for a 3 bedroomed townhouse and can recommend him as being reliable and fair.



We met several Frank Salt reps and have nothing but good to say of them. Very professional and tolerant of our needs and questions.

Hi Ricky

Do you have any links to the place you are referring to. Any particular reasons you would prefer or recommend Sliema vs something up north like St Pauls Bay or Mellieha?


Hi Eagle,

how are your plans going? When will we see you here in Malta?

The place I was referring to is one of the row of townhouses above/behind the Golden Nugget Saloon on the Strand.As far as I know it is still available.

One thing I learned from the agent is that you CANNOT go by what the estate agents show online.Most of the places are not available anymore.They do not remove past properties which explains why our townhouse is still being shown although we moved in 14 months ago.

If you want details of our agent e-mail me and I can give you his phone number.

I guess the main reason for recommending the Sliema/St.Julians area is that it is very central for a lot of activities and cultural events and is a high-class location worth the higher rents. And a lot of locals and other expats agree. But I've never lived/stayed in the North myself so maybe I'm biased.I'm sure there are good reasons to live there too!

Hi Ricky

Thanks for the update. I know what you mean about the properties. I've seen the same properties sometimes advertised with different prices on the same site.
Now there is an opportunity in this somewhere :).

Actually I got a confirmation today from the lawyer that the visa should be available next week. But this is what I hear most every week ;), thankfully I negotiated a fixed price.

I am not too in a rush so long as I get it by next year Jan,
If all goes according to plan I will come for 2 weeks in early Jan. Do some final scouting and then probably do the final move in March-April sooner if I can.

I havent decided which part of the island yet, I do enjoy the activities but love the serenity of the north. I would want it both knowing myself, but may have to make a tough choice.

Keep in touch, cheers

both sara grech and frank salt are useless!! so unprofessional and lazy both companies have not emailed me back :mad:

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