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Finding a Property :

Accommodation possibilities are quite different for each city. You should ask a real estate agent for help in finding a place to stay. Rents vary depending on the districts and the city. In Casablanca, Rabat , Marrakech and Agadir , renting an apartment could cost between 2,500 and 6,000 MAD. In Meknès, Fès, Oujda and Tangier, prices are slightly lower. You may need three or four weeks to find an apartment, so it is advisable to call a real estate agency before leaving your country. Owners and landlords will require a three-year contract, which you should get translated before signing. You will probably also be required to pay a bond, usually the same amount as one month's rent.

Cost of Living :

The exchange rate is currently around 1 EUR = 11.38 USD and 1 USD = 7.73 MAD. Outside big cities prices are usually not displayed. You should ask for prices before buying and always be prepared to bargain; offering half price is a good starting point.
Here are some prices for common expenditures:
Internet : 200 MAD/month (ADSL 20 MB) through Menara – Maroc Télécom
Annual School Fees : 97,825 MAD (average annual tuition) + inscription fee, Casablanca American School)
Hotel : from 168 to 337 MAD per night
Restaurants : from 79 to 225 MAD per meal
Train : 35 MAD one way between Rabat and Casablanca

Medical :

You need medical insurance for Morocco. For emergency services, call 15. Police can be reached at number 19 (landline phone) and 112 (mobile phone). You will easily find the address of the nearest hospital when you arrive in Morocco. There are no particular health problems in the country. However, it is strongly advisable to get a hepatitis A, typhoid and hepatitis B vaccine. There are many clinics in big cities. Chemists' have a wide range of drugs. A medical consultation will cost you 50 to 100 MAD.

Bank Accounts :

Morocco's currency is the dirham (MAD). You should carry travellers' cheques with you. Foreign currencies and travellers' cheques can be exchanged at official “bureaux de change” or foreign exchange offices only (easily recognisable by the golden sign).

Important: You could be offered the opportunity to change money on the street. Be aware that this is illegal.

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