Help regarding work / everyday life

Strange, I normally received tons of questions like this on the Bulgaria expat forum, trying to help people in Bulgaria.

I guess it's my turn now :))

So, I am currently trying to find a job in Beijing, since I would like to spend the next 3-4 years there due to personal reasons. I already contacted some HR companies but they've done nothing so far.

I guess I have to rely on you folks in maybe pitching me to the right direction. I really don't know how play my cards on this one.

I am a so called creative, including graphic/print design, web-development, photography and advertisement, speaking 4 languages and currently learning Mandarin. I have a nice online cv with a portfolio of my work, and I can take a position within 2 weeks.

Asking for some advice, thank's :))

PS: Salary is not that important since I have an regular income that could take care of the rent for example. So I guess I am looking for a 70-80% income of the normal salary someone like me gets, e.g. between 7.000 and 11.000 RBM

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