Civil marriage on tourist visa?

madam,,,,,i would like to say that you must leave mauritius once, and re-enter to enjoy your marriege cerimony.



yes he is allow to marry

you are Mauritian ???

I think he will need to specify this at the point of entrance into Mauritius

Hi there, I see you say you can help this lady. please could I ask you some advice.

I've been to Mauritius 3 times.
my boyfriend of 8 years is Mauritian and has a Mauritian passport but has always lived in SA.
He moved to Mauritius 8 months ago to run his dads company and is now a resident there.
i'll be going to Mauritius in May to see him
I'm looking for job opportunities as I would like to move there and apply for an occupational permit to live and work in Mauritius.
I'm trying to make sure I I have a few interviews set up when I'm there in May.
My boyfriend and I have discussed getting engaged once I am there and starting a life and a family together.
Do you know what steps I would take,? of any advice you have for me?
As I see you say to the other women that the next time she comes back into the country she would have to say she is coming there to marry a Mauritian? Would it be advisable for me to do that as well?
it says if I'm coming into the country as a professional I would have to earn 45 000 rupees per month, if I'm coming to work and get married - do you know if this still applies to me? as the salaries aren't that great in Mauritius and I wouldn't need to earn that much just yet as we will already have a house and a car and my boyfriend has a good job as well.
do I just apply for an occupational permit to live and work there for the max 3 years and then say we getting married when I re-apply for permanent residency after my 3 years is up? I'm not sure which route to take so your advice would be greatly appreciated as we want to do this properly and hassle free.

thank you

kayleigh: what you are staying is totally feasible. Naturalisation from marriage is 4 years not 3 though.  You got everything right. All the best !

Am a Gambian n I wish to travel to Mauritius for business. Should I need to pay returned ticket

Hi everyone. Im Montenegrian (ex Yugoslavia) merried to Mauritisn citizen. We hot merried in Montenegro. I have some International merridge certificate. I just wanna ask if anyone knows if they gonna value this certificate in Mauritius.
Thank You

Hello am jimmy from mauritius and i love a woman from tunisia also we want to know what documents and what can we do to live happily in mauritius :) We have a tight budjet and we can't travel alot must she apply in her own country before arriving here ?

Hi am a mauritian i travel 4 times  to australia i met a guy who becomes  my boyfriend then i got married religious to him on the 15 October 2017 but my visa to stay ended on the 22 october 2017 i did not  have enough time to register at the office in australia ,as i extend my stay i couldn't extend it further more  , so i have had to come back after a week ,then i did another tourist applicatiom visa they didn't give me ,so my husband who i married religiously is coming to see what we can do can i have some advise what is the process for me to go back with him  to australia after, 3 month he will be here thank you so much for the information i will received

Hey there,I wish I responded earlier,because I had to do the same thing. I was here for 6months and to get married I had to leave the island and return and enter with a marriage visa,not a tourist visa. A marriage visa is only valid for 30days so you have to have your ceremony within that time. Once your married you can apply for your residant permit visa,but you have to live in Mauritius for 4years before you gain your citizenship. Hope this helps,or you’ve sorted your situation already. There’s quite abit of paper work you need also,if you still need help send me a message x

hello i have a sister married to an indian boy on a tourist visa is this legal here in mauritius.

hello but my sister married to a boy  on tourist visa

Hi maja
       im jerome from mauritiuis i would like to know if you get your marriage visa easily and how long it may take

               i need your help please actually im in a relationship with someone in us and we want to get marry here and they ask for marriage visa my question is where will she get the visa here in maurituis or there in us and how long it may take thanks in advance

Hello, I am from India and I am also gking Mauritius in this year to get married to a Mauritian.
So I have collected some information regarding this topic, they said I need marriage visa for this,I have searched a lot about marriage visa on internet but couldn't get anything properly. So if u have any idea then please help me out of this. I really need help. I wanna know that can I get marriage visa on Mauritius airport? Or can the immigration officer ask me more question regarding this topic? Can I get any problem if I say on Mauritius airport that I have come for marriage.
Please reply me.

Hi everyone.

I recently got married here in Mauritius Nov 2017.

It does not say on any official websites that you need the marriage visa but unfortunately you do (luckily I read it on an old forum before i arrived)

So at immigration at the airport the first thing you should say is marriage visa.

Next thing on the list is the civil marriage. If i remember correctly you have to wait a week or two weeks (I don''t remember do check) before you register for your civil marriage. Make sure you have all the documents they request for.

After that they schedule your day and you go get married. =)

Once all that jazz is done, you will need to take your documents (basically all the ones you needed before + your marriage cert and register it for a residence permit) I recommend you to do this asap because if your moral certificate is older than 6months they make your life miserable.  I technically got my residence permit 1month after I got married but they took 8 months to laminate it. (so keep following up)

* Residence permit and citizenship not the same thing. If you want a Mauritian passport, you need to live in Mauritius for 4 years.

Hope that helped. Good luck and congrats

Hey  Alisha am indian, and am also going shortly to Mauritius to get married. what kind of documents hv to show them.?
I have
1. Birth certificate
2. Morality certificate
3. Bank statement
And medical certificate I think have to take out from Mauritius. So I have not take out ds medical certificate here in India.
So wirh all these documents can I go?
Plz reply ASAP.

Hi Disha
Am Mauritian and my boyfriend is from US
I needed some information plz.
We stuck with only o r document " certificate of marriage with annotation of divorce"
We cant find this but we got divorce papers.
The civil office guy said we need it.

Thanks for your precious help

Hello Jerome US citizen don't need to apply for visa.
When the immigration officer ask what's the purpose of your visit
She just have to tell them she is getting married that's all

(a)  Passport;

(b)  Birth Certificate;

(c)  Divorce papers/Previous marriage certificate with annotation of divorce (if applicable);

(d)  Death and Marriage certificates (If applicable);

(e)  Certificate of character/morality from country of residence;

(f)  Work/Residence permit (applicable to expatriates);

(g)  Proof of financial means (Contract of employment or recent bank statement or recent salary slip);

(h)  Medical certificate attesting that applicant party does not suffer from any infectious or contagious disease (from a medical officer practicing in Mauritius);

(i)   Affidavit sworn before the Supreme Court of Mauritius against payment of Rs150 only; and

(j)   “Certificat de capacité à marriage” for French national (form available at the French Embassy, St. Georges Street, Port-Louis).

*In addition, a woman willing to contract a second marriage before the expiry of 300 days since the dissolution of her first marriage by divorce or death must produce a medical certificate of non pregnancy.

*Where any party cannot produce (a) and (b) above, he or she may instead produce an affidavit.

*All documents to be submitted in original copies duly authenticated and photocopies.

Hey I am from India and I also wanna marry my fiance from Mauritius.. but we have met only via Skype and FB messenger..but not face to face.
So my question is can we get married without meeting eachother face to face?
Please please please reply me please.

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