Hi - New Comer

Hi All,

I am a new comer to this site and all it entails.....

Currently living/working in Kabul and have been for the last twelve months.

Welcome, I hope u find it exciting like I am now.

Welcome to Expat.com trampoline !

Is life as an expat in Kabul complicated ? (I guess it's not an "easy" destination)

Hi Julien

No i have not found life here complicated at all - still manage to be able to achieve all that is necessary. Definitely do not do without anything, all in all cannot complain about anything.

Welcome, trampoline
I hope you are enjoying your time in Kabul. Ive been here going on 2 years, and will remain here till late March of this year.
I work in Development, what about you?
Stay well!


My pal is now in Kabul - I was to come but had to re schedule.  Last I spoke to him he was at Park Palace Guest House but I hear he has moved as the central heating had failed.

I will pass on his number maybe tomorrow.  He is there till beginning of Feb and complaining of the extreme cold now!!


Indeed its very cold in these days, so it would not do to not have proper heating!  Try the Park Star hotel in shar - e naw area, its newly renovated, and has excellent rooms, nice restaurant and central location.

Yeah he tells me it is pretty cold - 7 or something like that.  He is staying at the company guest house and this is his number 781 200 377.

Anyway will speak to you later.


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