How to bring a domestic worker to ksa

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have an idea how to bring a domestic worker to Riyadh. I want to bring my nanny for my two kids?



From where you want her to travel and what nationality she is? Please provide us this info to guide you better.

Hi, I have found her from Pakistan where she will be coming from

Nop, domestic lady workers from Pakistan is not allowed. Pakistan stopped it around 25 years back.

Also KSA has recently banned maids from Philipines and Indonesia.

The best advice here may be to look for a local maid agency.

Thanks for this info! Any numbers for local maid agencies? Since I probably have to start work  as soon as I arrive I am not sure how soon I can find someone to look after the kids? Any ideas?

Though it's not easy to find a reliable and good maid in KSA.

But rest assured, almost everyone, who is in need, has one and you'll get one too.

I'll PM you a few numbers that may help.

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