Is anyone in Da Nang?

I looking to relocate in Vietnam, I have visited most big citys and several small towns but didn't have a look at Da Nang. I'm thinking it could be place to look for work as it's ecomomy is one of the quickest at the moment. If anyone can let me know anything about Da Nang it would be greatly reiceved. Many thanks, *smiles*

'RRelocation' equates with immigration. Remember, Ha Noi has a new program looking for undocumented workers, so make sure you get a permit (for which you will need a clean criminal record print out from the country who issued your passport). Also, as a Foreigner your activities are higher profile than in SaiGon. Undoubtedly the Internal Security Police will get to know you by sightt.

Da Nang is considered to be VN's third largest city and it has a fair amount of tourism, and lots of shipping related businesses, as well as marble, brick making, transportation.

It's airport is a common stop-off point for Ha Noi<>SaiGon flights and there are a few international regional flights.

'Western' medical facilities are few but Family Doctor Clinic operates there. No Foreign dentists are shown to be registered there. One hospital, at least, has service for Foreigners (cash), as 'guests' increase more will likely offer service.

It also has the lawful ability to issue Residence and Work permits and all visa matters (along with HCMC and Ha Noi) other cities.provinces do not. It is also a designated area where Foreigners can 'buy' land.

There are several nearby resorts north (Lang Co) and south (Hoi An) and between. China Beach no longer officially exists - just ask for Furama.

the famous Hai Van Pass is nearby. going over the pass can be risky with increasing numbers of robberies and motorcycles are transported are transported through the tunnel by truck.

Rents are half those of SaiGon, I saw a house for rent at $190+++ per month advertised recently.

Da Nang is, of course, the epicentre of the severe fall storms which bring winds that rip roofs off and blow motorcyclists over along with severe flooding.

Sa Nang is one of four international InterNet gateways so your speeds, with VNPT, will be high.

Hi Jaitch,

Thanks for reply, I have already travelled the Hai van pass by motorcycle on my own and it was fine! I travelled Ha noi to Saigon bypassing Sapa on the way and had no problems at all, in fact the cheap motorcycle I bought had no problems either. Maybe I was just lucky, but would recommend it to anyone. Anyway think I'm now looking to try Saigon for my place to settle and Vung tau is not far from there either! So tell me have you loved living in Vietnam the last 20 years? have married a Vietnamese?

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Hi jedimac,
My hometown is Danang city. Danang is growing and developing. I love the fresh air with sea smell and peaceful atmosphere there. I also love the long, beautiful beach and the river across the city. If you compare to Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi, you may recognize that there is no place divisive like Danang. It has mountain with Bana hill and Hai Van pass. Hope you find some friends there!

Lily sky&sea :

... peaceful atmosphere there. ... If you compare to Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi ...

So very true especially between August and October when the monsoons come.

No need  to go to the beach for a dip in the water, the water comes to you, right in to your house.

Outside the howling winds drive rain in your face giving you an exhilarating facial. Advertising hoardings along with tin roofs and roof tiles go skipping along the streets cutting anything that gets in their way. No need for motorcycles, many streets are flooded to a meter or more.

Yes, Da Nang isn't at all like Ha Noi or HCMC.

But everyone ought to experience a monsoon once in their lives, there's nothing much like them.

I don't live in Da Nang. As I know it's one of the 3 biggest cities in Vietnam. It's about 30 km from Hoian ancient town. I once took the bus to get there/back from/to Hoian. I think there are jobs in teaching English or in hospitality for expats that have degrees. There are quite many tourist attractions in Danang and nearby areas.

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