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Any pondering about whether I should introduce myself in the Linving in Europe or Living in the Mid East was laid to rest with today's headlines. Hi, I'm Jack and would like to intorduce myself as a green expat in Bursa, Turkey. I just added my blog to this website (outinturkey.blogspot.com). I've been here about 4 months.

Anyway, I was hoping to get connected to all who may be living in Turkey or those who have been here before or those who haven't done either but are interested in the country and the people. If anyone has been to Bursa, I'd love to hear about your experiences!


by the way: someone was being a smart ass for me posting this in the middle east section so i thought i'd post it here.. anyway, i'm just a blogger--imagine how the politicians feel about this kind of dilemna....

Hi Jack,

What's actually your opinion? Would you locate Turkey in Eu or in the Mid East? (I reckon it's a complicated questions :iagree:)

and to you charlotte -- actually ı was in antalya right before the bombing... beautiful area, shame it had a burst of tragedy and fear.. as for regional placement -- EU is a politcal entity -- Middle East is geography as mentioned before.. some call it the bridge between the east and the west... fact is, i suppose, it's not in the EU, so you can't say that. in the end does it really matter what we say -- continents moved around well before we got here -- they don't really care what we call them. and as for the people -- i think they are content to be merely Turks from Turkey proudly and sometimes at odds with their neighbors by distinguishing themselves as uniquely themselves and yet selecting aspects from both worlds that suit them... hence, a man and a woman sitting together wearing trousers smoking a narghile.

Turkey in Middle East? There is a lot of controversy going on if it is in Europe or in Asia, but Middle East? Not, for sure. I always thought Turkey as being a part of the European culture, especially after being geographically in Europe since the 14th century. However, the thing is 'Europe is not about western Europe only'. There are and have been going on a lot on the eastern Europe as well, it is as rich as western europe in culture, not as technologically advanced, though.
Actually this thing got started when the Roman Empire was divided into two. I guess nowadays West seems to see itself have the right to represent the whole continent more than ever and Turkey as was once been the capital of the other Europe is tried to be pushed into Middle East.
Well, anyways, Hi Jack.
I was raised in Istanbul, but both my parents are from Bursa, who are actually came  from Europe (albania and Bulgaria) after the Russian invasion in late 1800's. Bursa was actually one of the main cities that the immigrants came from Europe, that's why you will find a lot of people defining themselves as "Muhacir" in Bursa, who came from different parts of the Eastern Europe.
Nice lively city, I always loved it. I wish you good luck. Dont hesitate to ask any questions.
Sencer, turkish expat in morocco.

hmmm... i see your points.. thanks for the tips.. does that mean now I have to post my introduction in the Asia section now too...? whew.. it's a lot of work being geographically, politically, and culturally unsure of myself.

anyway, bursa is interesting, as is any city in a new place, but i'm not sure how lively it is... but i'm getting on well and finding good times... keep rockin'


Hi Jack,
The Turkish national youth volleyball team just make the qualification turn and for the European tournament that will be in Vienna in April.  So, at least in volleyball they are part of Europe!  I have always thought of Turkey as Europe, but then in Istanbul you cross right over the bridge into Asia. It really does cross both worlds and is such a fascinating county.  Of course you must read anything by Orhan Pamuk, I have just finished "Snow" for my book club here in Rome and it is excellent and would help you understand some parts of the Turkish mind-set. Also "The Orientalist" by Tom Reiss crosses East and West through an interesting true story.
best with all, Elizabeth

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