ICBC Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Stay far Away.

For those of you considering opening a Bank account or doing business with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China,( ICBC) consider this. If you open an account in Cambodia and you travel overseas to China, your ICBC bank card is lost or stolen, the bank will not issue another card at any branch in China, or anywhere else in the word, even if you have all the official ID in the world, have people witness for you, get a blood test, nothing, it does not matter to the bank that you are a customer with your money in their bank. You have to go back to the exact branch where you opened your account in order to replace your card. So if you have $1000 in the bank and it cost $1500 to fly back you will not do it and the bank just keeps the money. So you are stranded in the country where the banks headquarters is, with thousands of branches but they do not trust anyone in any of those branches to verify that you are who you say you are and issue a new card. This is their idea of customer service. Would you really want to do business with a bank this paranoid, distrustful, that claims to be international but cannot look up your account and help you unless you are back at that exact branch? I certainly will never do it again and I suggest you stay far away from them.  They are hopelessly stuck in the 19th century paranoia.

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