Meaning : Yearly 2-ways return Air-Tickets to/fro from 'country'


Recently, I received an employment contract regarding my work in China. They provide Yearly 2-ways return Air-Tickets to/fro from my country. May I know this meaning 2 times to/fro which is 4 rounds trip?

Please advise.

Thank you.
Oscar yy

I would interpret the same as well. Return is already 2-way, to and fro. Do they intend to mean 2x?
However, it would be better that you reaffirm with the company offering you the contract to avoid misintepretation. And if they would amend to make it clearer. Cheers.

Hi Emilyl,

Thanks for your advise.
Yup, I will ask them to reaffirm and amend accordingly. :)


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