Living in Oman

Hi All,

Please could someone tell me if 2000 OMR is ok as a salary in Oman, I haven't enough idea about the transport, standard living ..there .

Awaiting for your reply, thanks a lot !

i have been offered a job in muscat [moderated] as a post of Sales Executive (B2B Marketing)..

i have been offered a package of arnd 600 O.R. per month (incl. housing and some other miscl. expenses) ....

i am single so plz tell me how r d expenses out dere and will i be able to live and save frm 600 O.R. ..

plz help me out frnz....

MOhamed Rayane... I think you are lucky to have that salary.  I wonder in what field of business are you working maybe I should shift to that line (lol).  Anyway, if aside from the 2000 RO, you will get free accomodation as well, I think you hit the jackpot. 

Abhi...for a single guy like you, that salary is ok for a Sales Executive, I suppose that's your basic salary, right? And since you'll be in Sales, maybe aside from the basic sal, you will also get commissions and other perks.  Goodluck!

abhi, Accommodation in Muscat became expensive in the last 2-3 years, in addition there aren't many options to choose from. A one bedroom apartment will not be less than 200-300 RO (at the minimum). I am not aware of any studios like in UAE.

If you are single, 100 RO should be OK for other expenses (food, fuel, etc). You might be able to save 200 - 150 a month.

Muscat, and Oman in general, is a very friendly and pleasant place to live and work in. You might like to take this in account when making a decision.

Good luck


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