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Hello all,

I have recently arrived in Toulouse from Southeast England. I have deferred from my Photographic degree until next September and decided to spend time in France, especially concentrating my stay in Toulouse.

My aim whilst being in France is to primarily improve my conversational French and also to get a grasp of the culture. 

I am interested in continuing my photographic practice, which is predominately analogue. So any information regarding a darkroom or any photographic related subjects would be welcome.   I have a blog which is  Please take a look, I have recently added a photograph of a man relaxing by the Garonne, that was taken in September. 

I have a wide and varied experience in my working life, both practical and office based and want to keep occupied.  I would be happy to exchange English conversation with French as this would aid my learning. 

I hope to have an accomplished visit and if you feel you can be of help, be it with work, advice or friendship please get in touch.


Hello Adam!

Welcome to ;)


Hi Adam !

I m french and I would like to meet english speaking persons to practice english.
We can speak french too !

Kind regards

Hi, I am new to this forum and new to Toulouse.I am looking forward to making new friends here.

I speak English and Spanish fluently and I am working on the French(I speak very little).

I would love to meet up with other Expats. My email is ms.edson11[at]

Hi Adam!
I like your style, haha.  I too deferred my degree to come to Toulouse to learn French and about the French way of life.
If you're looking for a fellow English speaker to explore with, maybe we'd get along.  Message me if you're interested, and perhaps we could meet up for a drink or something.
sending lots of peace your way!

Hello Stormi,

Sorry for the late reply. Yeah, I just had to follow my heart and come to Toulouse.  I met my girlfriend this summer and she studies here.  It all just made sense. 
Listen I have been invited (as everyone has)to this message below. Maybe see you there. 


It’s Jamie Lynn again. It seems like a lot of us will be able to make it for the Wednesday evening meet up.
I am thinking instead of meeting up at the Plaza Capitole we could all meet up at an English pub close by.
The name of the pub is the George and Dragon. The address is 1 place du Peyrou, which is close to St. Sernin. They will have happy hour from 7-8:30 on pints on draft and there is also Pizza if you’re hungry.  It also happens to be English Quiz night so looks like we picked a good night to do this.
I will be there at 7:30. I have curly blond hair. If you have trouble finding the place or me you can reach me at 0787579639.
I just finished talking to the Manager named Ben; he seems very accommodating and would be happy to discount our drinks and set up a table for us if we end up being a big party.
I will be calling him Wednesday morning at around eleven to request a table if we do end up being more than ten so please try to let me know before then if you do plan on coming.
Here is there link if you would like more info.  I assume most of you might already be familiar with the place though as it sounds like a pretty popular pub.

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