Buying property in Bulgaria

Thanks, is it a but like Spain where you allow say 9% of the purchase price as the cost for all the taxes and costs??
Can you give me name of the company and name of estate agent, thanks

Hi we deal with Reneta at p***. her number is  *** her email is *** which she given permission to share. Our fees, although cannot put my hands on the paperwork right now we're not 9% much less and the service Reneta gives, in our opinion is second to none.

Good luck


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Hi, I would use an impartial lawyer to go through all the documentation.  The one we used for part of the purchase (did not complete as we changed our minds) quoted a very reasonable price for the work to completion of sale, notary etc.  Some agents include all this in the purchase price.

Many many thanks, one more where abouts did you buy as you probably done research on the area

We have brought near banavo in burgas

Thank you for your help

You just need a translator and don't need to be a resident, the only document you need is your passport and careful with real estate, always bargain,
Have a look at the houses from owners in the forums


axinia milanova :

Hi Christine ,

Are you still looking to buy a property in Bulgaria ?
I am Bulgarian and my husband Belgian . We can always help you for free ? Dont hesitate and contact us.

                               Axinia Milanova

Dear Axinia

I am working and staying in Dubai and have brought a property (apartment) from an expat here in Bulgaria.
It has been 3 months and now they say they have got the notary registration done. Does it take so much of time to register a property.


Sorry you don't get good answers from internet, ask people who live in BG and most of who speak Bulgarian.
If you're from the EU, it takes 2 days to buy a house if the sellers got all his docs ready and 5minutes to register your house in the municipality

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