Dar es Salaam flatshare


is it popular to share a flat in Dar es Salaam ?

What advice would you give to those looking for shared accommodation in Dar es Salaam?

Can you recommend specialized local websites or newspapers?

By the way, keep in mind there is a flat share/house share section in the Classifieds ;)

Thank you in advance for your participation and advice!


There are rooms for rent but not published on the news papers, if you wanna to rent or buy a house then its possible to see the advertisement on news papers, for english speakers go for guardian news paper, but if u need to share a room you need to ask the nativs, but you should be careful, there are roberies and thieves there, but i will keep in touch with a friend, he must assist you, but i need to know when you can move in and how much tou can afford to pay, i'm in denmark but i'm offering you a help, so plz reply asap

Hi Imuzeke!

Thanks for your help!


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