Alicante flatshare


is it popular to share a flat in Alicante ?

What advice would you give to those looking for shared accommodation in Alicante?

Can you recommend specialized local websites or newspapers?

By the way, keep in mind there is a flat share/house share section in the Classifieds ;)

Thank you in advance for your participation and advice!


I don't think it is as common in Spain as say the UK, but given the current hard times this might be changing.
My Spanish wife shared in London, with 'strangers' which her mother thought very odd!

Hi Spainrico!

Thanks for your help ;)


Flatsharing is very common here in Alicante, specially for students. I am currently doing a 4 months intensive spanish course in Alicante and share a place provided by the school. I am lucky to have great flatmates as we hang out together. For people looking to share a place, they can go on the following website :

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