I'm in Vienna wed and thurs this week, and am expat buddyless :(

Hi all.

Anyone know of any expat meet ups this week or anything like that?  I'm going to be in Vienna on Weds and Thurs, and would like to meet new people, maybe find some new buddies, and meet some ex-pat locals, and generally have a good time.

If you know of anything that's happening, or maybe we can make something happen if you're keen to meet up, get in touch.

Take it easy,

Hi Bruce,
my email is f_claudiu[at]yahoo.com
yours buddyless... Claudiu

Hi Claudiu,

Maybe you could introduce yourself here. ;)


Hi Bruce,

Welcome to Expat.com :)

That's a great idea!! Maybe you could organise an expat meet up? ;)

Hope you'll get lots of answer.


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