Second Hand Bike or Scooter in KL, Malaysia


Does anyone know a place/market where I can get a second hand scooter/bike in malaysia...near to KL.

Hi nirubosch!

Maybe you should try posting an advert in the Buy and Sell section of Kuala Lumpur classifieds.
It might help ;)


^ Not very helpful, though I understand that is what that section is for.

Expats don't generally ride motoscooters in KL...and if they did, they wouldn't be advertising one here, of all places.

A second-hand one will generally be found at a shop that does repairs.  Not a lot of used-scooter dealers in the country, let alone KL where cars are far more prevalent.

Take a look in the classifieds of the Star...but doubt you'll find much.

Ask around where you live and work...your best chances.

Thanks Armand..I'll try doing that.

Since m new and single...I would want to explore the KL through bike....once m familiar with the area...I can opt for car..

Try this website they advertised anything that u need here...good luck.

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