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I am living in Virginia, USA. An employment Agency just contacted me about an employment opporrunity with a Multinational company based in Maritius.

They offered to pay me about 60,000 USD per annum. I am marrried with 4 kids. We are at the initial stages of negotiation and does not know if that initial offer includes other benefits or not. In the worse case scenario if this include all other benefits like accomodation, insurance etc, do you think it can work out for someone in my position? Considering schools fees for the kids etc

I will be speaking with them tomorrow and doing some research to get some info before speaking with them so I can know what to ask for etc.

Please your advise will be appreciated.

Hey Dezz. I believe that $60K exclusive of accommodation is a good offer considering the cost of living in Mauritius. You should look into real estate prices and the area in  Mauritius you are looking to move to. As far as school options, there are a few good english speaking elementary and high schools in the country. I will also suggest to look into school fees as you negotiate the offer.
Take care, Vee

Thanks for that advice!

Is there anyone who moved from the States to Maritius here to do a comparison for me?
Also any info about the Grand Bay area?

Hi Dezz,
Hope I am not too late. US$ 60,000 is ok depending what it includes. If it includes the rent ( +/- US$ 1,000 per month) as well as a car ( new one +/- US$ 30,000) and other costs.
Any other questions, feel free. We have been here for 6 months and went through a lot of learnings!
PS: Where you live here is also very important but we can discuss at a later stage.
Good luck with the negotiations. :)

Hi Dezz,
I came from Staunton, Virginia to Mauritius three years ago and I can tell that this place is quite expensive. Except probably of the bread, everything else is more expensive, and in addition; the dairy products are quite limited. Most of the milks are the ultra pasteurized ones that last many months and are not refrigerated. Clothing is more expensive, electronics a lot more expensive, fuel more expensive. But, of course this place looks like a paradise and the climate is perfect.
The government schools are free but if you want a private international school where they teach in English they are extremely expensive so with 4 kids you'll probably spend all your salary only on school.
the accommodations near the coastline are around 25 000 Rs.

So if your employer pays for the accommodations and the car 60000 is good to live with but I am nor sure about the schools.

here is a link to one of the international schools I forgot the name of the other I can check if you want.

Hi folks,

Im planing to move to to mauritius in feb... pls can someone tell me about the living cost ... i mean food traveling electricity etc...

Thank you


Hi Steve,
A lot of people ask these questions and it is very difficult to answer as it all depends on your required living standards, where you live, where you shop, etc. I hope the following will give you an indication (Rs 30 to 1 US$):
- Car, new, like Kia Picanto: Rs 450,000
- Rent: Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000 (can go to Rs 100,000)
- Electricity: Rs 10,000 per month
- Buses, 1 trip: Rs 25
- Bottle of J&B: Rs 900
- Restaurant, 2 people with wine: Rs 2,000 +
- Marlboro: Rs 130

Where will you be staying as a matter of interest?
Kind regards,

If you want to have a good time here you definitely need the company to pay your rent,utility bills, school fees,medical insurance for all of you and give you a car. As you have 4 children, your wife will also need a car so you would have to organise that. Long term car rental costs about $400 a month for a small car. Also, you need to remember that you have to pay a deposit and registration for each of your children when they start school.


The cost of living (average) for a Mauritian per month is rs 10000.

(excluding house rent)

Are you coming out on holidays or for work?

Maybe for foreigners, more will be needed (depending on ur lifestyle and other expenses).

Hope this answer helps u a little bit.

Wow Ashmau,
Rs 10,000, I wish. No way, at least not for an expat. Food, electricity, rent, car, etc !!

I moved from the states, live in Grand Bay and with 60K I save much less than what I used to in the US. Cost of living in MRU and Grand Bay is sky rocketing as it is considered exclusive resort area. Food is definitely more expensive and rent is as much as in US. Email in case you want more information.

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