Any idea of any oil & gas/ chemical engineering companies in bahrain?

Hey there,

I have no idea if its just the times or that I'm not trying too hard but I've pretty much lived here all my life and I actually have no clue of the chemical engineering/ oil and gas companies, who actually recruit/ give an opportunity for an interview over here, besides of course Bapco and Tatweer which is virtually impossible to even dream of getting into.

I am a Chemical Engineering graduate from Nottingham, currently working in the environmental sector here in Bahrain for the past 3 years, but my real line of specialty is in production. I have been trying for the past 3 years to get into this field but its been a pointless one. Its sad to know that fresh graduates these days have such a sparse variety of opportunities, especially when all jobs (especially in the chemical engineering sector) require candidates with experience in excess of 10 years. So my real question is, how would the future generation in this field actually get that experience when we are shoved off from the start? Possibly I'm looking at the wrong places here - are there any other such companies worth looking into over here?

Appreciate some professional help for a striving budding talent! Cheers

Hi Nadtel,

I know this has been here for long time but I just want to get an update from you if you have finally suceeded in landing a job at one of the companies you have mentioned.

I was in Bahrain last weekend and I liked the country more than my current base which is Qatar. I work in oil and gas industry, in leading oil services company, and I'm looking some opportunity in Bahrain having petroleum engineering degree with couple of years of experience. 

Have you had any chance to be interviewed by any those employers? Do you have any tips or recommendation?



I'm into oil and gas sector and worked in Bahrain for almost 3 years. I do hire in the business if you are interested. Drop me a note. Cheers

GPIC and BAPCO are two industries where you should try to get job.

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