Anybody Marathi here from Maharashtra....

you keep me in touch once you reach to Jeddah..available on FB
email: **********

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I am Devidas from Kalyan.  Moved to KSA 9 months back.

Chirag Dhaifule from Mumbai Maharashtra. Been in Riyadh for past 8 mths.

Hi guys I am in rabigh Saudi arebia since long time with my family looking for Marathi community to make friends can mail me on ** this is my India number which using in Saudi arebia looking forward for reply

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Hi Rupali,

I am Sunil Bondre could search my profile on FB. Here in Jeddah we have a big Marathi group (@35-40 marathi families) mostly families from Mumbai & Pune. I am from Nagpur & could contact through Facebook. I am living in Al-Rehab Jeddah.


I am Anand Deshpande from Pune working with BV certification. Landed khobar three days back. My number is xxx. Wanted some shared apartment to stay with any maharashtrian

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Jai Maharashtra, Andya, where r u from in pune. Best of luck, sorry I am not in Al Khober.

Hello Arvind,

R u still in riyadh

Can you contact me


Im in Dammam

Hi Chirag, Ganesh here. Are you still in Riyadh?
If yes, pls reply. Today I landed in Riyadh. Looking for Marathi friends.

Hello my name is dipak kelkar, I am from thane. Currently in Khobar will shortly move to yanbu

Hya forum var kuni active aahe Ka? Please contact. Mi  yet aahe Riyadh la lavkarch. I need help. I have lot of doubts.

Me Ganesh.
Kay mahit having aahe Mitra Tula?

Thanks Ganesh for your quick reply. I'll be coming to Riyadh next month.
1) Little anxious as I have heard too many negative things about KSA. How is that country and how do they treat Indian expat?
2) Can I get any compound accommodation with Indian / Maharashtrian in Riyadh?
3) Is there any tax on dependant?
4) What is the cost of living in Riyadh for two (husband - wife)?

Now a days things are difficult.
5% VAT on all materials.
Tax on dependant (200 SAR per month)
HARA is Area where you can get all Indian stuff. You can visit LuLu mall in Hara for Indian stuff or food.

Mitra, I would suggest you to come alone.
Observe the situation and then bring your wife.

Not possible. I have strong pressure to take my wife with me. She is ready to delay just for one month, not more than that.

Does anybody have any experience with movers and packers who can carry household things from India to Saudi? Is this kind of option feasible and available?

Hello everyone. Finally I'm in Riyadh and started having challenges here. I have rented a flat. When I got my first electricity bill here I came to know that there was a total 15 months of bill pending on my flat. And my landlord has refused to pay that bill. Any guidance how can I approach this tough situation now?

U can complain to police about it, and plz don't go to police if u dont have the agreement letter plz, if u go u might get arrested and might get deported, if u have agreement letters go for it, be4 u go just warn ur landlord if he doesn't take any action ur good to go

Dera friends may you kindly help me in checking huroob. i am in south Africa and when ever i use links and MOI and MINISTRY OF INTERIOR i am unable to log in successfully. i need to go back to saudi i need to be sure if i am not on huroob , apparently the agency wont be able to see also they always surprised when they send people back home .



May be ur iqama is expired and sponsor revocked ur visa. That is when u cannot login the moi.

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