Malagasy young people in Québec

I would like to study in Sherbrooke I have already signed up but I still don't know how will I manage to go there. I don't know what's the route from Tana!=='

Hello Dinaravaka and welcome to!

You should give more details.
Where have you signed up?

You should take a look at the forum, it may help.;)


Hi Harmonie,

Thank you for your interest!^^...In fact, I'm still waiting for the approval of the Sherbrooke University and I am still preparing all the documents they need me to send!

Misaotra betsaka akia, I will do that!:)

Can I ask you where you are studying?


In fact, I'm part of the Team.;)

From Tana, you go to Paris, then Montreal with Air France. From Montreal, you catch a bus to Sherbrooke. That's the most common route.  Otherwise, you may go with Air Mad to Paris, then Montreal with AF or any other company.