Would like to chat with people in Italy


Is anyone on this forum living in Italy?  I would love to chat with you...en français, in English, o in italiano...


I moved your message to the Italy forum!

It should make it easier i guess ;)


Rossiecheck Ciao,
where you live?

Hi Kinga
I live in Quebec City (Canada) but I am currently in France. I travel each year for a few months and hope to go back to Italy again next month.  Not sure where--Venice, Verona or somewhere in Sicily maybe. Where do you live?

ROSSECHECKS thats interesting..
i am Polish student,but now i have kind of gap year and i am traveling like you:) this month and next Venice..but is getting colder,maybe is time to get out of here? who knows,
tell me where you,ve been till this time,i mean what countries did you visit?what places you have seen?

Last year I spent 2 months in northern Italy--Venice, Verona, Milan, florence, Modena, Rome. This year so far I spent a month in Paris. I have just arrived in the Alsace region of France. I have visited about 15 or 16 countries on 4 continents. In the USA alone, I have been to 32 of 50 states. Never been to Poland...

i already starting doing it.i think this is something amazing travel,meeting new people,new culture,counting on ourselves,wonderfull.Poland is ok,but Italy better:)

ciao!how are you?

Hi judy07!  You live in Milano?  How do you like it?  I was there last year but it rained non stop. We enjoyed it but it is a very busy city with lots of traffic.

rossiecheeks, you live before in Quebec,Canada.do you know any immigration consultancy that facilitate in living and working in canada?my greatest dream is to go there.Thanks

I don't know of any particular agency, but here is a link to immigration canada...you should be able to find a lot of good information here.  I know that for French citizens, there is a work exchange program for youth under 30 yrs old, but not sure for Italians....
Buona fortuna--let me know if you make it to Quebec City!

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