Lung Scars

HI dudeski! Did it work for you? Nothing is impossible with God. Just ask that it will happen according to His will. 🙏

I got visa for uae ajman I have scar lungs kind give some advise how can I pass my madical exam thanx regards

Hi Sha gee,

I had same stories just like you. I had done my medication recently, last October 2015 to be exactly. Did it work for you to drink milk. What kinds of milk? Thanks

Hi Honeypolestico,

I had a problem just like you, I had a offer in KSA, but i'm afraid to pursue my application due to my chest xray, though i'm totally healed. But i believe if I passed here in medical here in Philippines, i guess in KSA I failed i think just like the other employee who try thier luck. What happen to you?

Hi! were you able to verify your findings about the attestation of medical certificates from Phils?
I may have the same problem but thing is I never contracted the virus and it might be a case of medical error

Thanks for your time.

What is your status now? I am researching on the possibility of getting a 2nd opinion from a doctor in Manila and have the medical certificate attested by DFA (authenticated by DOH). Perhaps you can also try this option.

Good luck!

Hi Guys, around 2.5 years back I wrote this blog and started this discussion on lungs scar problem in UAE. During this long time I have travelled a lot to different countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and many more. World is too big it's okay if we are not able to get jobs in Middle East that's not a big issue there are lots of countries where we can apply and they are not stupid like these Middle East people. They know the fact that TB scar, Lungs scar, Fibirosis scar or pneumonia scar are not harmful indeed there is a simple reason behind this. Developed countries like Singapore, Canada, USA and Europe they have a good medical techniques and know how about such diseases unlike these Middle East countries who don't have their own doctors it's really crazy they are totally depend on expats for everything. Believe me guys try for other good and developed countries who don't care about all this. Good Luck to all who got ban or in a process to get medical unfit in Middle East.

Hii I am subash I got job in bubai ship I am having asthma problem whether I am suitable to  work in  dubai ship .... In medical test asthma will create any problem ....

Hello everyone,am from Uganda its sad that some of us have gone through these hard situations especially due to lung issues...two months ago I went to Qatar through an agent.Was called for medical and three days later was called back for another x-ray,ten days later i was called to the office of my employee and given Unfit certificate.I asked my HR what the report stated because I've never had T.b and he told me that they just gave him the certificate with nothing written on it but abnormal x-ray which is so bizarre...i came back home with nothing but shattered dreams,disappointment,wasted time and money I did other x-rays in my country and they gave me normal reading did T.b tests as well with negative so mad and angry....but I pray that God helps us all in this situation.

Hello Subash,I would advise you to first go for X-ray in your country and see what it says coz these people are so damn stupidly strict..

It's true people get deported for having  "abnormal " lung x-ray.  It's sad though.

Rashidkhan786 :

Auriele yur welcome and thanks for reading my whole story i shared this because lots of people from other countries wanna go for job in UAE but when they will read this then at least they all will do there check up in there home country before joining any job in UAE ...becoz once they put medically unfit from there medical center then they never listen and think about the career of any individual because they are so harsh for these laws......and this all is a kind of inhumanity nothing else because many countries are flexible and considering such candidates and they hire becoz of there key skills......!

Hi Rashid. I'm going through the same experience right now. How many days were you given to leave the country after you were told that you did not pass the medical exam? Are they going to detain you?

Hi Jai,
Reply to your queries as I have faced all this till the blacklisting :
1.In any case the agency has to submit the reports to MOH It dosent matter you have active disease or not you ll be detained and balcklisted .In my case only Xray scar was enough to blacklist in my 2nd visit
2.If scar was found in first visit then surely you should get medical test done in your country and get it attested from UAE embassy before your travel ,as in 2nd visit I was detained and blacklisted their first question was do I have medical reports attested from UAE embassy.This report info has to be given by your employer if not take care of the above .
3.Exception to health or communicable disease is not considered in UAE in same blog I have read people have tried their luck .

But I ll suggest you please get your check ups done as they dont check active disease or not they will balcklist you .And blacklist status in case of medical is never removed in UAE .

Thanks .

Hi Subhash,

UAE is strict about communicable disease and I dont  think so asthma is communicable one .If u had any history of luck disease or have lung scar pls get your medicals done otherwise asthma is not a issue I have friend who have asthma and working in Saudi.As Saudi is much more strict.

To Rashikhan786

In fact your post is offensive . The Middle East Countries and in particular GCC are hosting millions from many Asian Countries ( India , Pakistan , Philippine etc ) who are earning a living not available at their home countries . Each country has its own rules regarding Medical Fitness .

You have to respect the GCC Rules and not try to insult their education and rules . For your information the percentage of highly qualified percentage in , UAE , for example exceeds the percentage in your country . So stop such silly comments .

@ rashid
You are correct there are many other country aside from middle east.

Hello !
I have situation and i am asking a help from you guys what i will do, i have a brother hi is direct hired from phil.
And he take a medical test and they found mole in the lungs
Is it possible he can fit to work here in Abu dhabi.???
I hope you will help me from this matter

I am planning in going to Abu Dhabi and look for job this March 2017. I have lung scar but not due to TB. What should I do if they scan my lungs having scars? Can I still work in Abu Dhabi.

Hi , I don't know if this message will get to you soon enough. I am currently waiting for my visa to work in Dubai. I got a job offer to work as an architect for a commercial company. Unfortunately, in my medical x-ray  There is this result "apico Pleural Thickening". The medical clinic ask me to get a certificate from a pulmonologist. I went to Manila Doctors and gave me a medical certificate that says it is not infectious nor don't even need any medications. It is a very small "like Smoke" on the upper portion of my right lung.

Kindly advise if I should push through or not.

Thank you so much.I am interested at your reply on the blog since you are also an architect. Thank you s
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Hello all. I'm from Philippines and wanted to ask if anybody knows a people who knows how to work on ban lifting due to lung scars. My husband work as partners in distributing Philippine products there in dubai. As I read before in khallej times. "Those already now living in the country will now be allowed to sponsor their spouses, children and parents with TB scars and active TB"
MY HUSBAND try to ask information about it but he was just ignored in the immigration twice maybe due to racial discrimination as he was Indian. He tried to pay some person to work on it but they just run away...  hopefully through this forum I can find anybody or any referral to help us. GOD BLESS

When i read all your comments some passed even with a scar some are not even with negative sputum test. I think it's in luck if you will be passed. I wish i would have the luck to pass the medical in uae. i have a white dot on my xray. First clinic said i have lung scar. 2nd clinic repeated again my xray but they give me fit to work result. I am confused, what if i will be only deported? I will have my pre med in philippines and another medical when i go to dubai.

Do I have any chance to work in kuwait..Based on my x-ray I have minimal fibrocalcific scarring in my left upper lobe of my lungs..I did not experiened ptb or any lung infection tnat needs to cure...I am wondering where did it came from.

What did they test you for in your blood test?

Hi mam, do have still working in dubai for now?
I have same cases like yours. I have a lung scar. This is my first time to workI in UAE. This month i have medical exam for americana comp. For UAE. I want to know if dubai allowed applicantds having a lung scar  please i need your advice. Thank you

Hi! I have a job for americana cimp too for uae. But i didnt pursue it because of lung scars. If you pass the medical here in philippines, the medical in uae is strict. You are the only one who will suffer if they found the scars in uae. Company and agency will not help you. I turned down the job because i dont want to waste money. Plus, you will be banned for life in uae. So think if you want to risk the fees you will pay to the agency and other expenses just to get there.

Hi! Yes, i am also be douted for this deseas  its a hindrance for me for  a lot of opportunities offered.   I am wodering to pursue my application .  Despite my chest exray resulted of lung scar.

It is up to you if you will continue. Me, i dont want to be depressed that i got deported and the fee for agency will get wasted. They just want to pass your medical here so they want to get payment of the employer and fee from you.

Hello sir can you give me your what's app number??

Hello guyz ...I went to medical last month my blood report was normal but scars showed in my cheat x ray .they r not allowing me to go ...then I consult with chest specialist he said I have no major problem and no need to worry ...but he also said tht scars can't be remove ...guyz I took so much medicine about 40days but no benifit also I went to go for x ray 4times in month coz I thought tht it would be any changes but I was wrong no changes and same x rays ...................................

Is it possible for pulmo clearance at dubai?

wat country you apply?

Hello sis its not the matter of racism. These stupids treat every one in same way especially to all asians.   Anyway u guys no need to pay to any guy.  There is a process to follow.  Ur man need to go to medical center and to submit documents which they require and then in a month time they will call him to get the clearence letter which u need to submit in immigration and then after certain time they will clear ur name from immigration.

U can search online different forums to get the exact documents details.

Does it seriously work?..was it a TB scar?

yes your husband can process ung ban, they allow it now

Serrapeptase, any hope in TB scar

Hello Kartik,
Hope you are well.
I also faced the same issue last year.

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