Successful job interview in Bhutan


passing a job interview in Bhutan can be a stressful moment, especially you are not familiar with the cultural and professional codes of the country.

How to successfully pass a job interview in Bhutan ?

What happens during the interview ?

What are the do's and don'ts during a job interview in Bhutan : what to say or not, what to wear, how to behave ?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience with us !


hi dear

it quite simple to be work in Bhutan if you have password and Work Visa you dont have to be strict upon our cultures if you have expericence and attittude surely you are obsreved in job market as Bhutan lack a Human capital they are looking for more advance and experince candidates from abroad/ India. if you are one of those candidates working bhutan you would have already use to ours culture and Traditions..... best of luck

Hi somcring,

Thank you for the sharing of information :)

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u are wecome brother... anytime

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