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hi friends

i am trying to find some information regarding to living condition in Denmark, i am planning to come there in 2012 under GreenCard Scheme. i need to know more about availability of job, learning Danish, living cost, which city is better in aspect of cost and finding job( in a short time) for a single girl .
more about me, i studied MBA and currently i am working in LG Electronic company as SCM assistance Manager. i have some years of experiences in SCM.
besides, do you know any skills which is currently more in demand in Denmark in order to learn when i am in my home country.
is it good idea to immigrate there ?
thkx all

Hi Sarden,

Please share any information u got as far with me since me too planning to live Denmark

Waitin for ur kind responce

Venkatesh Kanakala
EMail: kanakaala[at]


please go through the following link: … cheme.htm. go to Greencard Scheme part and then you can understand what requirements and documents are needed in order to proceed your application.
if there is any problem, plz send me email.



Try to read through some of the old discussions, we have talk a lot about all the areas where you need information. In regards to job specific, try to search online for available jobs and see if they match your qualification.

Good luck to you.

There are number of consultants and advisors available in Denmark. We have used these guys ( as they handle all immigration paperwork as well as offer jobs and help in finding accommodations. it's easier to use one stop shop. Hope, you can find them useful too.

I from Denmark, maybe i can help you. The living costs in Denmark, are the same in the big cities as Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg and Copenhagen as it is in any other european big city. In terms of your job options i dont know anything about your field. But since the nation hit a bit of a ruff spot financial, there it can be hard to find jobs, in most fields.
I have heard that Danish, can be a difficult language to learn for foreigners. But most people speak english (Thats almost everybody).

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