IT worker seeking a Job in Shenzen

Hi All,
I've around 6 years of experience in IT software field and I am planning to move to Shenzen. Please advice :

1. Which websites should I register to find an IT related job?
2. How difficult it is to find a job in Shenzen?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Gaurav,

IT positions are high-paid job in China, the salary varies from background and years of experience, often a guy with 1 year plus experience will earn at least 10k per month, as you said you have six years of experience, I assume u worth more than 15k per month, of course if you find one as a team leader or position like that, the revenue would be reach to 300-500k basing on the project you do, but you know itís kind of negotiation when hunting for a job.

You could try to find a job here, but most of positions are introduced in Chinese. But I could help you if you need.

Finding a job sometimes is really tough when you donít have a strong advantage, experience is very important. I have to admit that Iíve been out of work for 4 months, coz Iím lack of trading related experience. But I think u would find one quickly, wish you a good luck.


The best way is through friends not websites.
There are quite a few tech companies here, like Tencent and Huawei, you can go directly. Or i can ask my friend to introduce you, the rest meeting and negotiation is yours.

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