Fred went a wandering.

I went for a little ride this morning. Mountain bike clubs are really popular at the moment and even housing estates have clubs.
These guys may well live on such an estate but they're cops. The fuzz are doing mountain bike 'beats'.
The cops have a really bad rep out here so I think this is a great idea. The bike allows you to cover ground but you're still in touch with, and able to talk to, people along the way.
That makes it great PR.

You may not have noticed one thing in the photo.

If you know where to look, a lot of food is free.

Rambutan is a hairy fruit, hence the name "hairy", is common and delicious. This is how the locals get the stuff.

Indonesian trains are less than safe sometimes.
Take a look at the gap between the carriages.

The on board toilets are fun as well.

The bus doesn't look too bad.

Until you look closely. This hole is in the rear steps.

You have to pat Rp200 to enter the bus station so a lot of people wait outside and catch the bus there.

This is the driver. Mad as a spoon. I felt really sick after a couple of hours.

Has the water dried up?

Ah, that explains that.

Back to those buses.
The drivers try to get as many people as they can on a bus to maximise profits.
If there are any laws, no one knows or cares.

Full up? Ner, we can get a couple on the outside.

All motorcycle users must get a licence known as a SIM C to ride a motorbike.

The guys wait for the test.

The first victim sets off (Note the helmet)

First is a large figure '8'. That's easy but loads failed.

Then the posts where you have to run between them, slalom fashion, without knocking any over or putting your feet down.
Most failed this as you see with this dude who knocked down a post..

This is called freestyle. You'd probably fail your test if you did that in front of the cops so they do it on near empty car parks.

Many people get the idea Indonesians are boring.
They're wrong.

This was a school outing over the weekend.

This is a larger butcher's shop in the town of Wonosobo in central Java.

Wonosobo market has a high speed, ultra modern, transport system.

The market is carefully set and out strictly controlled to allow vehicular access, especially for emergency vehicles.

Or maybe not as these mini buses fighting their way through shows.

Bit hard for the trucks as well.

If you don't have the cash to buy, beg.

:one Thank you very much for sharing :top: great pictures..

Christine :

:one Thank you very much for sharing :top: great pictures..

It's just a hobby. I have a little Olympus semi pro camera and a habit of going to strange places.
I have several thousand photos ready to post, all showing bits of Indonesia most people never see.

Westerners are used to factories on a big scale. My home area has a massive brick factory. Indonesia also has big places but there are a lot more home industry type factories.

Breeze blocks.

Indonesians aren't known for planning ahead as this photo shows. It's rainy season but they still ride out without taking waterproofs.

Indonesian have to pay for schooling so many poor people can't afford to go.

English is a fashion. Sadly it's not always all that good.

There are several ways of getting water.
A mains supply isn't always available so wells are quite common.
This is one up and has a pump rather than a bucket.

This lot have fans everywhere.

Some dude.

Some other dude but with a bike.

Insects can get a big big out here. The Swiss army knife gives you an idea.

Mental health care is non existent out here if you don't have cash and most don't.


No bridge - A bit of bamboo will sort that.

Speed humps are common in many countries.
Indonesia has it's own ideas.

Indonesia is a democracy so has elections. Probably not perfect but they're trying to get it right. I'm sure they will in time.

Most Indonesian are Muslims so there are loads of mosques. This, as you can see from the dates, is pretty old.

Christians aren't left out. Loads of churches.

Chinese Catholic churches are pretty cool places.

Can't forget Buddhists.

The small. Just the bit to the right.

The medium.

And the bigger.

Legal DVDs are available.
Pirate DVDs are far more common. Loads of shops like these everywhere.

This sign says "No porn available"

Goats at the side of the road.

Ah, a butchers.

Another of those dudes.

This one is a cycle taxi. Yep, you got it, you sit on the back and he takes you where you want to go.

There are two places no one wants to live.

By the river. Those will be either illegal or just very poor people.

The other is near a railway.
These are def illegal as the railway owns the land but, if you have no where else to live...

Local trains are an experience. No air conditioning, no doors and no one seems to much care about much.

Free if you ride on the roof.

Traffic jams are pretty much normal in Jakarta.
Selling things to stuck motorists is just as common.

No one bothering with the rules of the road doesn't help the jams.
These micro buses are everywhere and will just stop in the middle of the road if they fancy (And they fancy a lot)

Lots of people sell fruit but they may not haver to pay for it in the first place. That's business.

Cycling is a very popular hobby out here. It's more a fashion.
People often travel a fair way to get to a club but can't afford a car. Indonesians will always find a way.

Some riders at a local club.

Rich and poor meet.

Make that, "very poor".

People don't drive at all well.
Driving too close to the vehicle in front is the norm. So is front end damage.

You have to learn to drive somewhere.

So many badly maintained vehicles mean so many punctures.
That means hundreds of small tyre repair shops.
These are all over Indonesia.

These guys look like cops but aren't.
There a sort of traffic control team. Every day they stop trucks going through BSD (Near Jakarta) in a pointless effort to stop or reduce traffic jams.

Sending a truck to park up until after 10am.

Where there are people, a street seller will turn up trying to sell food.

The funniest I ever heard was when the cops were surrounding a house where terrorists were holed up. Cops with large guns all over, Section 88 (specialist anti terror cops) and the whole place cut off from the world.
What did we hear? "da da dar dar da da dar dar" as the ice cream seller played his chimes in an attempt to attract customers from the lines of coppers.

There is a massive gas pipeline across Indonesia. That's where the mountain bike club is because no one is allowed to build on that land.
The sign, along with other things says, "No building" but this is Indonesia.

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