Job Offer

Hi there,

Been offered a role with an engineering company based in Vancouver City Centre.
Had a verbal agreement on terms and conditions as well as the expected salary package. (just waiting for the formal offer).
A quick breakdown of the offer is as follows:

$10,000 lump-sum relocation payment (moving from Australia).
$125,000 salary per year
4 weeks annual leave
6 weeks furnished accommodation when we arrive.

Trawling through the countless topics on here and trying to make sense of costs involved in living and working in Vancouver and looking at rental costs. According to the Revenue Canada website....after tax, I would have a take home pay of roughly $70,000 per year.

Obviously depending on lifestyle you couldn't determine whether that would be a sufficient salary or not.
But let's just say, a couple in their early 30's, 18 month old child, 2/3 bedroom townhouse or apartment (Richmond area $1800p/m), 1 car, dining out once a week.....not a lavish lifestyle but comfortable enough to enjoy Vancouver and all it has to offer (skiing, shows, site-seeing, bars, etc...)

Do you think the $70,000 (after tax) would be sufficient?
And would Richmond be an okay area for a young, quiet family?


Yes, it will be enough, but unless you are Chinese and enjoy flat uninspiring landscape of Richmond, why chose there? With your salary, North Vancouver will be better - close to downtown, close to the mountains, safe and beautiful and great vibe. Good luck. I am moving with kids this summer from London, my husband has been working for an engineering firm downtown for a year, living in North Van. We visited 3 times, and lived in Vancouver 1994-2001, so know the city very well. Good luck!

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