Help! How to register Nikah in Saudi Arabia

i ask someone need special permission of nikkah in haram, if intelligence see you catch you,,,,,
not allow nikkah in haram...
you do if any mutawa you know he do for you in one place of haram.

Pakistan embassy do in embassy.....

Hi i am matial and i am working here in tabuk saudi arabia. I am in a relationship  with a pakistani person which  is working is Qatar. I am a converted to islam from Christian. But i not yet have conversation  certificate. I would  like to ask is there any possibility  to be marry here in saudi Arabia tabuk city .. can we register our marriage  in the city which i worked?  Or we really need to go to riyad coz its impossible  to go riyad. My employer  wouldn't  allow me....regarding  eqama its my employer responsibility  but what about  conversation  certificate  what will i do? Pls i need an answer for my question. I am doing this  fornthe sake of Allah  i dont want to have a haram relationship  for a long time. I cant wait to finish  my contract  and get marry....inshaAllah reply....

Hi im arlene i need hep pls where we got merried what is the ducument my piance is pakistan & im pilipina where we find the place in alkhobar to god merried

Pls where we find to get merried in alkhobar

Hello Legend,

I am an American citizen and engaged to a Jordanian.  Does this nikah process apply to me and him as well?

If wife is working lady , she needs doc from office. After marriage ,she does not need to transfer sponsorship to husband so that she continue working

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Hi I really hope someone can help me out! I am a woman from the Netherlands I am 18 years old. I fell in love with a man from Saudia Arabia of 33 years old. He is already married in Saudia Arabia with 2 wives. He wants marry me. I agree with it, but is it possible to marry him? I have read that the man has to be at lease 40 years and the woman 25. And I read that his wives has to have health issues for me to marry him.

I hope someone can help me out. And maybe I can get an email address of an ambassador where I can ask this question. To know sure I am getting the right information.

Hello brother I'm Pakistani passport holder working here in riyadh I fall in love with Philippino girl also working here in MOH she has recently converted to Islam but still the certificate is under process would you please give me details which I really need to know first, how long the certificate process takes and whats the process and required documents to get married? thanks.

Hallo assalamualaikum  .. I needed the information about zawaj ma saudi man he is a origin saudi fi madina,   please tell me. 
I am an indonesian and has planned a zawaj ma saudi man.
Because of that i needed the information  for.

Sukran katir
Because i am so sorry before but ana  not usually use this.

Dear sir,
I would I to know about Mehkama Tankeeh location, would u favour me, can u send the location of Mehkama Tankeeh and what does it called in English?

Hello people from expat I hope everyone doing well . I have several questions. Like to be honest I don’t know where to start lol.  What’s the requirements for a saudi gir (24) years old marrying an American National ( there’s no one but I wanna know the steps )  not trying to offend any other nationals I respect you all but my wishes and my desires it belongs to me so I get asked questions why I do This etc so I have my own reasons ( no not green card reason ;) ) so I heard from a girl she’s marrying Ann American she says legal age to get married is 26 I say what that’s a lot but in some websites I see ppl say age is 50 and some says 30 but bottom line someone’s told me if u know someone bigger u can get it done ✅ like everything can be possible undertables - so what’s the steps and any advices I can get like tell me everything from A to Z plz

Assalamu alaikum.

These are too many to read since 2011, are there any Filipinas who are married to Saudi? If so, please message me. I need some ideas on how to go through the Nikah. Requirements, processing etc.

Jazzak Allah Khair

mashallah congratulations for your marriage may Allah blessings your marriage and your life with ur husband

Hello i m aiza from pakistan living in saudi arabia
I want to ask you very serious question as we all are in tensed situation.plz help me
As i m pakistani girl living in saudi arabia after my father death i m on my brothers sponsership (marafiq) i got married to indian guy in 2015 not from mahakma nor embassy but at home.and i got baby girl after 2 years bcuz of some problms my husband divorsed me and married to saudi national i want to go to pakistan with my baby girl but i dont have any documents to get her passport pakistani embassy is asking for birth certificate i go to hospital they are asking for certified nikkah nama to get birth notification i want to ask where should i go to get the back dated registered nikkah so that i can get birth certificate.please help me what should i do now to take my baby girl to pakistan with me.:(.
Is it possible to get back dated nikkah nama?
Since the guy is indian who will issue nikkah nama indian embassy or pakistani embassy??

Asalam alaikum.I'm from myanmar nd my habibi is from india.we both are working in the UAE.We want to register nikah in Saudi Arabia while doing wt r the requirements we need to bring there? Plz help me dear.Jazahkallah

Assalamoalaikom. May i know how is the parent's consent being prepared stating your wali as one of the requirements in marriage procedures here in Riyadh, KSA.
Any response and guide is highly appreciated.

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