communial pool


anyone know of any communial pools which can be used?


Qwara Palace Hotel, you can pay and use those facilities.

most of the decent hotels will allow you to use their pools and facilities for a very reasonable rate

Thanks guys for the response.  i dont want to rent an appartment which has a shared pool as its cheaper to rent an appartment without one and pay to use a pool as and when :)

Hi bibbles,

don't count on that !

Paying for an indoor or outdoor pool in Malta on a daily or monthly basis is expensive , even if you are on your own !

What exactly do you mean by communial pools? There are are no local, communial pools in Malta!

Cheapest is to swim in the sea !


Hi Ricky

I didnt know if Malta had swimming pools or son who is 8 doesnt like to swim in the sea but likes to swim in a pool


there is a salt water pool in st pauls bay called sirens and is along the road from the gilieru hotel. This is often quite busy with many of the local children especially during the very long school summer holidays.

we live in Mellieha - Tas Sellum Residence(close to the schools I mentioned in your other post) and in our condo we have a pool (3 pools actually). Yes, the price might be above the average for Maltese standards but not really if compared to other places. We still use them even now during Oct.  As far of common pools the only one I've heard about is the National Pool close to Sliema. I guess your best options are the ones in Qwara or the hotels mentioned in this posts. Now, keep in mind that electricity costs are high in Malta so I doubt that you can find many heated pool options around the Island.

Thanks very much for the response!